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    Jacqueline Rose: Marilyn Monroe - She was luminous ? on that much everyone seems to agree. Hers is not the flawless matt beauty of Dietrich or Garbo. She is, as one might say, more curvy ? I am of course referring to her face, on which, unlike Dietrich, Garbo or indeed Elizabeth Taylor (whom she saw as a rival), there isn?t a single straight line. There is no flattening wash over this face. Even Laurence Olivier, who mostly couldn?t stand her, had to concede that every time she a...
    Feed Source: www.lrb.co.uk

    Perry Anderson: Carlo Ginzburg - Carlo Ginzburg became famous as a historian for extraordinary discoveries about popular belief, and what was taken by its persecutors to be witchcraft, in the early modern period. The Night Battles and The Cheese and the Worms, each a case-study from the north-east corner of Italy, were followed by a synthesis of Eurasian sweep in Ecstasies. The work that has appeared since is no less challenging, but there has been a significant alteration of it...
    Feed Source: www.lrb.co.uk

    Mary Beard: Caligula - King Canute has had a raw deal from history. He took his throne down to the beach in order to show his servile courtiers that not even a king could control the waves (that was in God?s power alone). But, ironically, he is now most often remembered as the silly old duffer who got soaked on the seashore because he thought he could master the tides. When, for example, Ryan Giggs tried last year to use a super-injunction to stop the swell of news abo...
    Feed Source: www.lrb.co.uk

    Eric Hobsbawm: Tony Judt - My relations with Tony Judt date back a long time but they were curiously contradictory. We were friends, though not intimate ones, and while both of us were politically committed historians, and both preferred wearing informal gear as historians rather than regimental uniform, we marched to different drummers. Nevertheless our intellectual interests had something in common. Both of us knew that the 20th century can only be understood fully by th...
    Feed Source: www.lrb.co.uk

    Letters - The letters page from London Review of Books Vol. 34 No. 8 (26 April 2012)...
    Feed Source: www.lrb.co.uk

    Table of contents - Table of contents from London Review of Books Vol. 34 No. 8 (26 April 2012)...
    Feed Source: www.lrb.co.uk

    Vincent 'Starry Night' Drawing Wallpaper - Hot off the press, here's a wallpaper of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' drawing in ink, with an inspirational quote revealing how Vincent felt about the importance of drawing. There are two versions, one for iPad and one for a small computer desktop. More coming soon! Check out the Starry Night WallpaperVincent 'Starry Night' Drawing Wallpaper originally appeared on About.com Drawing / Sketching on Monday, April 30th, 2012 at 09:11:58.Perma...
    Feed Source: drawsketch.about.com

    Draw a Viking Warrior - If you love fantasy, action and adventure movies you've probably already seen 'Thor' and 'The Avengers' starring the Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth. The movies are based on the Marvel comic books and so don't spend much time in the ancient world - Thor looks like a thoroughly modern hero! Here's a more traditional comic book take on an heroic Viking character for you to draw. Draw a Viking Warrior.Draw a Viking Warrior originally appeared on About...
    Feed Source: drawsketch.about.com

    Leonardo da Vinci Quotes on Drawing - Leonardo da Vinci is a fascinating artist, and while a few enigmatic pieces get a lot of airtime, I often think that the old master has a lot to offer the modern artist beyond these iconic works. I thought I'd take a look at where Leonardo is coming from and what he has to say on a few topics about drawing, perspective and learning to be an artist. Leonardo Quotes and DrawingsLeonardo da Vinci Quotes on Drawing originally appeared on About.com Dr...
    Feed Source: drawsketch.about.com

    Improving Your Drawing: Middle Values - An error I've noticed in many beginner (and even more experienced) artists' work lately is a gap in the tonal range. Often artists will focus on the outlines, so these will be strong, and they know they need confident darks, so they'll shade quite powerful shadows. But then things go a bit pear-shaped when they start to tackle the rest of the shading. I think in part it's a desire to get the subtleties of tone so not to be too heavy-handed, but t...
    Feed Source: drawsketch.about.com

    Improve Your Drawing - The trouble with being stuck in a rut is that you don't always know it - you keep going over the same old ground and it's not until you're entrenched in a well-worn groove that you discover that you're repeating yourself. If you're lucky, it just means that you never get beyond being 'pretty good' and your work always has that familiar 'look' to it. If you're not, it can mean mediocrity and a slow wearing-away of creativity and enthusiasm. Here a...
    Feed Source: drawsketch.about.com

    Pencil Shading Exercise - Shade an Egg. - Practicing shading with simple objects is a good way to develop skills quickly. Instead of thinking about a composition with many complicated textures, you can pay attention to subtle changes of tone and concentrate on handling the pencil to get the kind of shading you want. It's useful to try these exercises out with different papers and pencils - for example, as well as basic sketchbook paper, try a smooth hot-pressed paper as well as something...
    Feed Source: drawsketch.about.com

    Draw Cartoon Sea Animals - Summer for most of us means the sea - if not in it or on it, at least beside it, getting some vitamin D in the warm sun. For me heading into the cold of an Aussie winter, that's a very appealing idea! Shawn Encarnacion created these cute and friendly sea animals to draw and color in. With simple shapes and easy steps, even young kids will be able to draw these cartoon sea creatures. First up is a cute cartoon seal. These adorable furry friends a...
    Feed Source: drawsketch.about.com

    Practice the Tricky Bits - It's always enjoyable to draw the easy things - it's fun when everything goes well and the drawing flows smoothly. It's only natural to avoid difficult things. But unfortunately, avoiding them isn't going to make them any easier! It's a classic feature of any first-year drawing class (especially once they've done enough to realize which bits are hardest) - lots of focus on the torso but the hands and feet either fade out, or fall off the edge of ...
    Feed Source: drawsketch.about.com

    Draw a Cartoon Easter Bunny - Guest artist Shawn Encarnacion has created this Cartoon Easter Bunny tutorial for Drawing/Sketching readers. Or you might try a simplerabbit line drawing (or use the same model for a tonal drawing if you prefer). While we're one an Easter theme, check out the gorgeous vintage rabbit illustrations found by our Collectibles guide, Barb Crews. And if you're wondering what rabbits and eggs have to do with the Christian festival of Easter, Exotic Pet...
    Feed Source: drawsketch.about.com

    Portrait Drawing Show and Tell - Portraits must be the most popular subject among Drawing/Sketching readers, outnumbering the other subjects in our gallery. To make it easier to share your latest work, I've created a show-and-tell page so that you can upload your drawing directly. They'll have to be approved of course, but that doesn't take long. Browse and share portrait drawings in the Portrait Drawing Show and Tell Related resources on Drawing / Sketching: Proportions of th...
    Feed Source: drawsketch.about.com

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